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books (college)

We used the Norton Reader of Expository in the University of Iowa freshman writing program, which was said to be one of the best such programs in the country. For Chrstopher, age 11 in December 2005, I'm ordering the Norton Sampler & Norton Sampler Teacher's Edition. I'm also very interested in EVERYTHING'S AN ARGUMENT. In expository writing everything is an argument, an extremely difficult concept for students through the Master's level to grasp and to produce themselves.

books (K-12)
  • Step Up to Writing from Sopris (Smartest Tractor has ordered this)
  • WriteShop
  • Wordsmith/Wordsmith Apprentice (Becky has heard good things about WriteShop and Wordsmith)

course syllabi

Kitchen Table Math posts & comments


-- CatherineJohnson - 05 Dec 2005


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Step Up to Writing arrived on Thursday. Friday was a "professional activity day" so I did not have an opportunity to look at it. I have attached a map of Section One.

-- SmartestTractor - 04 Feb 2006


this is totally cool! Thank you for adding this page!

-- CarolynJohnston - 04 Feb 2006

I can't wait to hear all about it - thanks SO much for taking the time to do this!

-- CatherineJohnson - 06 Feb 2006

oh gosh - I have to add the Sentence Combining books.

I think they're incredible.

Smartest Tractor - any thoughts?

-- CatherineJohnson - 06 Feb 2006

I am starting to use them tomorrow. I am going to start with Sentence composing for Elementary School. I have the middle school book as well. I will let you know.

-- SmartestTractor - 06 Feb 2006

Smartest Tractor - if you're around - I'm having trouble finding the solutions page you posted - do you happen to remember where you put it?


-- CatherineJohnson - 14 Feb 2006

I'm thinking about getting the college level sentence composing book for me.....just to see what's cooking

-- CatherineJohnson - 14 Feb 2006

I have a question: how do you make such perfect pdf files?

Mine always look crummy & amateurish.

-- CatherineJohnson - 14 Feb 2006

(because they ARE crummy & amateurish)

-- CatherineJohnson - 14 Feb 2006

THANKS for posting the solution key here!

I got your post sent into Ed Wahoo —

-- CatherineJohnson - 14 Feb 2006

I am on practice three of the first section. The kids are very successful at the practice questions. It is nice to discuss with the class how the sentences are divided.

A solution page is attached below.

pdfs - The solution pages are done in Word. I use tables to keep everything in Type A order. I use MathType? to create the equations. I "print" them using Acrobat Distiller.

The files below for Step Up to Writing are done in Mind Manager and then "printed" with Arcobat Distiller.

-- SmartestTractor - 14 Feb 2006

Catherine --

You are on a Mac with 10.x, if I recall correctly, so you can save any document to PDF. I'm at work on a PC (vs at home on my Mac), so I forget whether it's a "print" option or a "save as" option, but I think it's a "save as" option. Whichever it is ("print" or "save as"), the dialog has a "Save to PDF" (or maybe "Save as PDF") button that allows you to create PDFs from whatever application you're in.

For those of you on Windows PCs who don't have Acrobat Distiller, there is a nifty little app called CutePDF that installs itself as a printer. So you select "print" and choose the CutePDF? "printer", which will give you a dialog in which to provide a filename for the PDF.

-- GoogleMaster - 14 Feb 2006

Sentence composing - the kids don't hate it. No overt groans when I utter get out your sentence composing notebook.

I have attached a sample below below.

I project a unhighlighted copy on the screen and we work through the example together. I highlight, yet another fun feature of Word, the chunks of the sentence.

-- SmartestTractor - 21 Feb 2006

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StepUptoWriting.pdf manage 33.4 K 04 Feb 2006 - 19:05 SmartestTractor Step Up to Writing - Section 1 Introduction
StepUptoWriting-ExpositoryWriting.pdf manage 28.1 K 04 Feb 2006 - 20:30 SmartestTractor Step Up - Beginning of of Section Two - Accordion Paragraphs
StepUptoWritingSummaryParagraph.pdf manage 27.6 K 11 Feb 2006 - 23:51 SmartestTractor Step Up to Writing - Section 3 - Step Up to Paragraphs
page418419EvenQuestions.pdf manage 34.7 K 14 Feb 2006 - 15:41 SmartestTractor Algebra review solutions
SentenceComposing.pdf manage 14.4 K 21 Feb 2006 - 15:33 SmartestTractor Sample of Sentence Composing