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03 Nov 2005 - 15:38

KTM poll

Anne just sparked me to get this New KTM Poll posted:

today's question

How much does KUMON cost per month for one child living in Westchester County?

Bear in mind that in my area SAT tutors are commanding fees as high as $800/hour.


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$100 per month.

-- KDeRosa - 03 Nov 2005

I thought it was around $75 per month...

-- StephanieO - 03 Nov 2005

How come the little Kumon face looks so unhappy?

-- CarolynJohnston - 03 Nov 2005

Isn't that funny?

Asian countries are Other.

-- CatherineJohnson - 03 Nov 2005

When Ed saw that face, he said, 'Oh look, they used an American logo.'

I said, 'No American company has an unhappy face as its logo.'

He agreed.

-- CatherineJohnson - 03 Nov 2005

I thought they were using the face of a typical kid coming in for tutoring with his self esteem bruised after all that discovery learning he'd been doing.

-- KDeRosa - 03 Nov 2005

Actually, you know, I kind of like that face.

I don't know why. Maybe just because it's different.

-- CarolynJohnston - 03 Nov 2005

I love that little KUMON face!

-- CatherineJohnson - 03 Nov 2005