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Mission Statement

Our goals in starting this collaborative weblog are, in order of importance: to have fun, to share ways of teaching kids math, and to support people who want to help kids learn math.

Having fun is up front, because Catherine and I have had a great time talking with each other about math, math education, and cheap tricks for teaching math. We decided to do a collaborative weblog because we both have a yen to do some community service, because we wanted to create a little community dedicated to the love of learning math, and because we both realize we have a lot to learn about the mystery of how people, and particularly kids, learn math.

If you're a parent, a teacher, or any other individual with an interest in (or something to share about) how kids learn math, we hope you'll join us and give freely of your knowledge and experience. But most of all, we hope you'll have fun here.

This weblog is built with TWiki, a Wiki program that allows for a more collaborative, communal experience than a typical weblog program does. If you've ever visited Wikipedia, then you've seen how a Wiki works. The comment pages on this weblog are fully editable by any registered visitor to this website, and a commenter can actually create and link to a new fresh webpage if desired, simply by placing a WikiWord linking to the new page in their comment.

General Wiki rules of conduct do apply: spam and inappropriate or off-topic content will be ruthlessly deleted by someone!

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