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SRI International has released a new study (pdf) of the new KIPP schools in San Francisco. It is close to 100 pages long but a good read. Not surprisingly, the KIPP kids are achieving better academic results although not yet stellar results since these schools are so new. In any event, the paper goes into detail as to what KIPP experience is like:

1. Long days (7:15 am to 5 pm)
2. Saturday classes
3. Mandatory summer sessions
4. Strict discipline
5. High academic expectations, usually using CA approved textbooks

I'd characterize the KIPP method as a brute force method of instruction that happens to work. However, I also happen to believe that similar results could be achieved with far less effort if:

1. KIPP started their program at K or 1 instead of grade 5 after theses kids have had 5 years of failure in the public schools,
2. Used more praise, than punition (though the punition may be necessary for these kids at the stage they get them), and
3. Used a more efficient accelerated instructional Program. For example the DI programs achieve similar results using far less instructional time, even for low performers.

Nonetheless, KIPP shows what can be achieved with low performers with a little hard work and effective class room management, neither of which they get in the traditional classroom.

-- KDeRosa - 22 March 2006


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