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* DimensionalDominoes (DanK)























to create your own page:

1. Click on the 'edit this page' tab at the top of this page.

2. An edit window will open, with the boldface words Kitchen.UserPageIndex (edit) above the window.

3. The title of your page must be a WikiWord.

4. Add your new page title under the first letter of its title, if you can find the letter. NOTE: For 'newbies,' locating the correct letter inside the edit window is probably going to be confusing. If you need to, just put your new topic somewhere up at the top of the edit window, and somebody else can move it to its correct letter. Your new link will work no matter where you put it on the page.

5. NOTE: If you accidentally erase some of the pre-existing code in the edit window, no harm done. TWiki saves all changes to all pages, so nothing gets lost.

6. Put your name after the page title, using your full user name. Examples of full user name: Main.CarolynJohnston, Main.BarryGarelick -- don't forget the 'Main' part or it won't create a link.

7. You may add a one-sentence synopsis of the topic if you wish.

8. Click 'preview,' then click 'save.'

9. Your new page title will look like this: MyNewPage?

10. Click on the question mark.

11. The edit window for your new page will open up. Type something inside the window, click 'preview,' then click 'save.' Your page has now been set up, and you can edit it any time you like.

12. You will always be able to find your page here, in the User's Index. If someone erases the link by accident, we can get it back, because TWiki saves all changes to all pages. You could also just type the link back in again yourself.

13. You can create a link to your page anywhere on Kitchen Table Math, just by entering its WikiWord? title. (For example, say you're writing a comment that refers to your page or pages. You could enter the WikiWord? title of your page in the Comment, which would create a direct link to your page.)

14. If you started your page from another page on Kitchen Table Math, you can also put an index entry here to make it easy for people to find. Just enter the title under its appropriate letter, or at the top of the page if you have trouble finding the appropriate letter.

15. If you create more than one page, you might want to insert links to all of your pages somewhere on each individual page. That way you and others can easily get back and forth among your 'suite' of pages. To see an example of this, go to ChapterProject, one of the pages created by Interested Teacher.

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